More often than we realise, in this hustle we miss out on our personal well-being. This leaves us drained, frustrated, un-fulfilled, unhappy and also affects our productivity, both at work and at home.

What is work-life balance?
It is a skill that enables a person to prioritize and fulfil the responsibilities of different aspects of one’s life. As life coach Samira Gupta says, “A well thought and executed work-life balance is the key to reduce stress, increase productivity and feel happier.”

So, if you are feeling stuck in a vicious cycle of managing work and home, here are 7 tips to help you become the captain of your ship and maintain a perfect work-life balance by Samira Gupta, a life coach and image consultant:


1. The golden hour

The morning period is ‘the golden hour’ because that is when you can spare time for your soul. Wake up an hour or 30 minutes early and follow a routine of any activity that makes you feel connected with yourself.

2. The to-do list

It is vital to pen down your tasks for the day and prioritize them accordingly. Identify the part of the day you feel most motivated in and finish your most important tasks within that time.

When you feel a little distracted, try to finish the rest of the tasks. A completed to-do list will help you have a sound sleep and reduce stress.

3. Avoid distractions

With the increased social media influence, most women spend a lot of time on their mobile phones. Unless your work demands you to use your mobiles, avoid using them during your most productive hours.

Build focus, finish your critical tasks and set short breaks for yourself.

4. Work-life balance has to be flexible

There is no ‘perfect’ way of managing your work-life balance. With everyone having a different set of responsibilities, how they manage their to-do list will be different.

Identify what works best for you. ‘Delegating’ tasks, both at work and home can help.

5. Give yourself short breaks

With long hours spent in front of the screen due to work, both laptops and mobiles, your eyes and mind may feel drained rapidly. Taking short 5-minute breaks can help build focus for longer duration.

Avoid indulging in any screen related activity during this break. Make yourself a cup of tea or give your eyes a splash of cold water. Coach Samira recommends to indulge in deep-breathing.

6. Don’t be too hard on yourself

There will be days when you are unable to achieve everything on your list. Everyone has these days! Remember to take some time off.

Read, exercise, laugh or do whatever makes you feel happy. Unplug yourself from the stress and give space to new thoughts and positivity in your life.

7. Health comes first

A healthy mind and body can do more and achieve more. Prioritize your health! Stay hydrated, eat fresh fruits and salads, move your body, dance and laugh.

Spending quality time with your family can significantly help you enhance your well-being.